Retiring from Call of Duty: Black Ops?

There's a time for every game, when the player grows tired and places it onto the shelf of games that are destined to never be played again. Well, I believe it's already that time for Black Ops. Of course there will be times where I feel the crave to go back to this game and play a couple rounds, but my addiction for this hyped up first person shooter has died down, and way too soon.

Why? Well, I have high confidence in my skills on Call of Duty, which means I have extremely high expectations on how I compare against other highly skilled players. I recently had a 176 win streak, planning on climbing to 200. I was actually hoping to find a good challenge, so after about the 100th win, I decided to stick with a full party and constantly play lots of Headquarters, which I believe gives the most points, as well as having lots of parties participating in the playlist. With a full party of 6, we were all finally matched up with one of the toughest challenges I had yet to face, especially with a talented group of people by my side. We happened to lose three times in a row in all rounds of Headquarters. It took a lot of energy out of me to stay focused on the game, so I took a long break afterwards. Since then, I decided that I've put enough time in this game to measure my highest potential, and I'm simply not satisfied. People may differ and tell me to just play the game to have fun, but being competitive and proving to myself to be one of the best is my idea of fun. Don't get me wrong -- this game is good! There's not much I would change about this game. I just think there isn't much I can do to accomplish my goal of "being the best". This is how I'm going to deal with it. Besides, there are other games to be played. I'm eventually going to flip this one over sooner or later, right?

Summary for those who don't want to read: I don't think I'm good enough. Screw this game!

If you haven't already noticed, my lifelong hobby of gaming is slowly beginning to lose the magic that made me play them in the first place. Maybe it's time to give up my childhood and find a new hobby? I'm considering honing my Japanese language skills as much as I can, save up, and possibly study in Japan (or just do a homestay and have tons of fun). Being fluent in Japanese means I can play all the import games I've always wanted to try. I'd probably be one of the only English-speaking streamers on JTV that would do commentary on dating sims. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Alright, my hands are freezing right now.


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  • Well that sucks. =/
    Good luck with the Japanese.
    I don't think you need to be fluent to go to Japan o.o or else I wouldn't go in March but I do have a Japanese girl teaching me while i'm there. =D

  • Just do whatever you like moogle, i like your cast, doesnt matter what game :]

  • To be honost i know what you mean by the games are losing their magic they once brought. Money for me is very tight and lately theres been soo many other things starting to catch my interest. Plus my future is fading fast and i havent done anything good with my life and theres soo much i want to do. Soon i think i may quit gaming for a long time.

  • Woooott~ But that doesn't mean you can start being depressed about Kira Kira!

  • Something you might wanna check out. :) ... I also got stopped playing Black Ops, but I'll give it another go, LOL.

  • It would be pretty cool to see you fluent in Japanese.

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