iMoogle's January 2011 Update

Happy New Year, fellow gamers and otaku.

It's been on and off with this blog. I always try and update it for a whole week then for various reasons, I just pout and give up. So don't be surprised if there isn't another update for awhile.

Anyway, here's what has happened over the course of these past two months.

Christmas - If you're wondering what I received for Christmas this year, it wasn't much. I got a pair of "digital performance" eye wear from my brother, so now I can look like a total nerd on the cast! I had two people donate a total of $100 via Paypal. Thanks a lot guys! I also got a comic book (no, it's not manga!) from a co-worker. I really didn't want anything this year since I didn't go out of my way to buy gifts for everyone. Why should I deserve gifts if I don't give one back? I just feel bad.

Gaming - Hmm, well I'm still in somewhat of a gaming drought right now. Nothing super interesting I want to play at the moment. I think the only video games I've played for more than five minutes is MAG (PS3 exclusive MMOFPS) and beating Singularity (X360 FPS) in one sitting. Singularity was pretty good. If you liked Bioshock, you'll most likely enjoy this game. I'm currently level 62 (or 63) on MAG, and the max is 70. I've become extremely good at this game, which is the main reason why I still play it.

School - Yeah, after weeks of tormenting decision-making, I decided to go back to class at my local community college. Currently going full-time (14 credit hours) while trying to balance a good amount of hours at work. I'm still not in studious college student mode, nor do I know if I ever will be. Motivation is key, and I've always lacked that. Soooo unfocused and lazy right now. Ah well, I always somehow make it through with decent grades. Might as well try and get it out of the way while I'm sane.

Work - Still working at Burgerville. Due to professional purposes, I can't say much about how work is going right now. I'm hoping my promotion to Team Manager (bottom tier, below assistant) will go through soon, and I'll be able to take my job much more seriously and improve the restaurant. Things can use a lot of improvement here.

Anime - I'm trying to find a good balance between all three categories above, as well as making room for watching new anime I haven't seen yet. I took a quick glance over the winter season series this year, but nothing looks impressive. This will give me time to watch other series anyway. As you can see, my history on MAL is quite empty.

And part of the reason why I made this post is because I'm using the sidebar on the right for a weekly updated schedule of when I may broadcast in the future. PRETTY AWESOME, RIGHT? Oh, and no more untranslated EROGE until I become fairly fluent in Japanese. I can't stand those software translations anymore.

Here's the Sora no Manimani opening animation, a series which I will be finishing this weekend. This anime is actually way better than I expected.

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