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If you haven't already, be sure to follow my alternate broadcast channel for anime @ I stopped using it for a couple months, but since my main channel was recently suspended, I had no choice but to temporarily cast on my anime channel. I just now realized how chill the chat can be without all the morons from my Black Ops casts, and it's a lot more enjoyable. I feel that since it's already established as an anime channel, I don't have to worry about haters whining about my choice of music. It's quite refreshing being able to focus on talking to my dedicated fans. Even though I got more viewers casting anime on the iMoogle channel, I fear that DMCA will eventually strike my main account and possibly closing the channel permanently for repeat violations. Remember that iMoogle is a producer account, which receives more publicity since we have our own directory for viewers to browse. This creates an even bigger risk of being taken down.

I'm sure migrating the anime fans that still don't know about AniMoogle won't be a huge problem. I'll have to spread the word often. I may also use this channel as an idle channel -- for when I sleep or when I'm at work. I'm a broadcast addict, and I feel much more comfortable being connected with the viewers by casting live. Plus fans of the channel, who rarely have trouble getting along, can have a place to chat or be able to drop a couple messages for me. I like keeping the chat log open all day and scrolling through it once I get the chance, so don't be shy.

One more thing: I'm always looking to improve the broadcast, as well as this blog! Leave any ideas or suggestions you may have in the comments below. What should I add to the blog? What should I post more often? You know, stuff like that.

Thanks for all your support!


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  • Why is your main channel still banned, with currently -22 hours? Can those hours be applied to future bans?

  • Well the old blog was doing pretty well i would check it 3 times a week to see whats all updated. I like reading what you liked about anime's your watched and games you played. Maybe some future plans you have coming up, and possibly have a mini schedule to say when you'll be on for certain days. But thats just me =P

  • @Anon: Haha, that'd be a great idea. Although I'd prefer to avoid getting banned in the first place. ;)

    @Zata: Yeah, but it was also very time-consuming to post on it everyday. I like to be consistent, and if I'm going to discontinue something I'd rather start all over. I plan on doing schedules again, but I don't like being predictable most of the time.

  • Suspended again, it was working last night, but now it is DMCA suspended again with -52 hours and counting.

  • @Anon: Yeah my channel is super buggy right now. I can finally load the chatroom without it booting me to the DMCA violation screen, but I can't even login to my account nor upload the stream onto the channel. This blows. (also thanks for the heads up... I have e-mail notifications which I can check on my phone)

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