DMCA Violation... Again!

Looks like GomTV is finally tracking down on broadcasters who are re-streaming their GSL matches live. iMoogle is temporarily suspended for 24 hours, the same punishment I got for re-streaming the StarCraft II matches at BlizzCon 2010, that were free to watch. SUCH MISFORTUNE! I don't want my main channel to get banned for repeat offenses of the ToS, so I'll most likely stop casting GSL. Never fear, there's always a FREE low quality stream on, and you can bet there's re-streamers who don't give a crap about DMCA. If you love GSL, don't hesitate to buy the season tickets for $19.95. It's totally worth it.

Suspensions suck, but it doesn't really matter to me at the moment. I have a long weekend of work ahead of me, so I won't have much time to game anyway. I wish you guys a good weekend.

- iMoogle

4 comments to "DMCA Violation... Again!"

  • its funny how you get suspension for the GSL but people in the movies section stream movies in theaters, and also in games section new releases before the shelf date are streamed all the time. gg gomtv..... gg

  • That sucks for you

  • Gee Gee. Thanks for the games so far atleast :). I suspected it was only a matter of time before they found out.

  • It's not so much that they found out more than you aren't a regular streamer of things. Like #1 said, people stream pre-released games and movies and don't get banned. It's a matter of if they know you or not.

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