iMoogle's Channel Revival

Hey friends! Hope you ladies and gentlemen had a wonderful Valentines Day. If you haven't been keeping up with the tragedy that struck my channel nearly two weeks ago, this is the post the read about it!

First off, if you don't know what the GSL is, it's a professional StarCraft II tournament that's hosted in Korea, but broadcasted internationally online with English commentary. Because of viewer limits and service fees, people resorted to re-streams of the live broadcasts. My channel happened to become one of the most popular live channels to stream the first two seasons of GSL. Even after countless warnings by the commentator Tasteless about not to re-stream their casts, I was fearless and continued to do so.

After the second season ended, I decided to stop casting the GSL due to various reasons, such as a DMCA warning which resulted in a 24 hour suspension on my channel. After the suspension, I still had GSL clips and archived broadcasts of the first two seasons, but I figured they'd be too old for GomTV (the host of GSL) to even care about. Well, I was wrong -- closing in on the finals of Season 3, they initiated another sweep of all GSL channels and happened to pass by one of my old GSL clips (probably thanks to the search function of JTV) and demanded another DMCA violation to be placed.

Well, they got what they wanted. Kevin (an admin from JTV) wanted to talk to me about it the day before the ban took place, but I was too busy and couldn't contact him via Skype since I was working that day.

After many e-mails with Kevin, he promised to sort something out. So for the meantime I used my old alternate channel uMoogle. After almost two weeks, I felt that iMoogle may have been closed permanently. Kevin even said my archives might have been wiped off as well. I was heartbroken at the thought of all my highlights dating back to early 2009 being deleted forever.

But after one more e-mail, as a friendly reminder about my channel, and it seems the unban was already done but there was a bug taking place on the channel that prevented everyone from viewing it. So the bug was easily fixed and I got the channel back -- along with all the archives! And the first thing I did when I got home... was go through ALL of my archives and delete Every. Single. Video. that was related to the GSL. It took a long time, since there was a person who went by SeriousCallersOnly that highlighted nearly every match. So it probably took twice as long as it should. But really, it's a small price to pay. I'm just glad to keep my primary follower base and view count. And most importantly: the URL.

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Shut down for good.

I have to go to class pretty soon, so I'm typing this fairly briefly. I recently just got an e-mail about 10 minutes ago notifying the deletion of my channel due to copyrighted material. Even though I barely even casted GSL since the first warning, I still had lots of videos in the archives that I didn't bother to delete.

Will I get my channel back? I wouldn't doubt it. An admin attempted to talk with me via Skype but because of my tight schedule I was unable to do so. I'll try to contact him about it, but if for some reason it can't be done then I'll just make another one. I'm not really worried about it. R.I.P. iMoogle, it's time to permanently move to pdxmoogle as my new handle?

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iMoogle's January 2011 Update

Happy New Year, fellow gamers and otaku.

It's been on and off with this blog. I always try and update it for a whole week then for various reasons, I just pout and give up. So don't be surprised if there isn't another update for awhile.

Anyway, here's what has happened over the course of these past two months.

Christmas - If you're wondering what I received for Christmas this year, it wasn't much. I got a pair of "digital performance" eye wear from my brother, so now I can look like a total nerd on the cast! I had two people donate a total of $100 via Paypal. Thanks a lot guys! I also got a comic book (no, it's not manga!) from a co-worker. I really didn't want anything this year since I didn't go out of my way to buy gifts for everyone. Why should I deserve gifts if I don't give one back? I just feel bad.

Gaming - Hmm, well I'm still in somewhat of a gaming drought right now. Nothing super interesting I want to play at the moment. I think the only video games I've played for more than five minutes is MAG (PS3 exclusive MMOFPS) and beating Singularity (X360 FPS) in one sitting. Singularity was pretty good. If you liked Bioshock, you'll most likely enjoy this game. I'm currently level 62 (or 63) on MAG, and the max is 70. I've become extremely good at this game, which is the main reason why I still play it.

School - Yeah, after weeks of tormenting decision-making, I decided to go back to class at my local community college. Currently going full-time (14 credit hours) while trying to balance a good amount of hours at work. I'm still not in studious college student mode, nor do I know if I ever will be. Motivation is key, and I've always lacked that. Soooo unfocused and lazy right now. Ah well, I always somehow make it through with decent grades. Might as well try and get it out of the way while I'm sane.

Work - Still working at Burgerville. Due to professional purposes, I can't say much about how work is going right now. I'm hoping my promotion to Team Manager (bottom tier, below assistant) will go through soon, and I'll be able to take my job much more seriously and improve the restaurant. Things can use a lot of improvement here.

Anime - I'm trying to find a good balance between all three categories above, as well as making room for watching new anime I haven't seen yet. I took a quick glance over the winter season series this year, but nothing looks impressive. This will give me time to watch other series anyway. As you can see, my history on MAL is quite empty.

And part of the reason why I made this post is because I'm using the sidebar on the right for a weekly updated schedule of when I may broadcast in the future. PRETTY AWESOME, RIGHT? Oh, and no more untranslated EROGE until I become fairly fluent in Japanese. I can't stand those software translations anymore.

Here's the Sora no Manimani opening animation, a series which I will be finishing this weekend. This anime is actually way better than I expected.

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Retiring from Call of Duty: Black Ops?

There's a time for every game, when the player grows tired and places it onto the shelf of games that are destined to never be played again. Well, I believe it's already that time for Black Ops. Of course there will be times where I feel the crave to go back to this game and play a couple rounds, but my addiction for this hyped up first person shooter has died down, and way too soon.

Why? Well, I have high confidence in my skills on Call of Duty, which means I have extremely high expectations on how I compare against other highly skilled players. I recently had a 176 win streak, planning on climbing to 200. I was actually hoping to find a good challenge, so after about the 100th win, I decided to stick with a full party and constantly play lots of Headquarters, which I believe gives the most points, as well as having lots of parties participating in the playlist. With a full party of 6, we were all finally matched up with one of the toughest challenges I had yet to face, especially with a talented group of people by my side. We happened to lose three times in a row in all rounds of Headquarters. It took a lot of energy out of me to stay focused on the game, so I took a long break afterwards. Since then, I decided that I've put enough time in this game to measure my highest potential, and I'm simply not satisfied. People may differ and tell me to just play the game to have fun, but being competitive and proving to myself to be one of the best is my idea of fun. Don't get me wrong -- this game is good! There's not much I would change about this game. I just think there isn't much I can do to accomplish my goal of "being the best". This is how I'm going to deal with it. Besides, there are other games to be played. I'm eventually going to flip this one over sooner or later, right?

Summary for those who don't want to read: I don't think I'm good enough. Screw this game!

If you haven't already noticed, my lifelong hobby of gaming is slowly beginning to lose the magic that made me play them in the first place. Maybe it's time to give up my childhood and find a new hobby? I'm considering honing my Japanese language skills as much as I can, save up, and possibly study in Japan (or just do a homestay and have tons of fun). Being fluent in Japanese means I can play all the import games I've always wanted to try. I'd probably be one of the only English-speaking streamers on JTV that would do commentary on dating sims. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Alright, my hands are freezing right now.


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My Anime Channel: AniMoogle

If you haven't already, be sure to follow my alternate broadcast channel for anime @ I stopped using it for a couple months, but since my main channel was recently suspended, I had no choice but to temporarily cast on my anime channel. I just now realized how chill the chat can be without all the morons from my Black Ops casts, and it's a lot more enjoyable. I feel that since it's already established as an anime channel, I don't have to worry about haters whining about my choice of music. It's quite refreshing being able to focus on talking to my dedicated fans. Even though I got more viewers casting anime on the iMoogle channel, I fear that DMCA will eventually strike my main account and possibly closing the channel permanently for repeat violations. Remember that iMoogle is a producer account, which receives more publicity since we have our own directory for viewers to browse. This creates an even bigger risk of being taken down.

I'm sure migrating the anime fans that still don't know about AniMoogle won't be a huge problem. I'll have to spread the word often. I may also use this channel as an idle channel -- for when I sleep or when I'm at work. I'm a broadcast addict, and I feel much more comfortable being connected with the viewers by casting live. Plus fans of the channel, who rarely have trouble getting along, can have a place to chat or be able to drop a couple messages for me. I like keeping the chat log open all day and scrolling through it once I get the chance, so don't be shy.

One more thing: I'm always looking to improve the broadcast, as well as this blog! Leave any ideas or suggestions you may have in the comments below. What should I add to the blog? What should I post more often? You know, stuff like that.

Thanks for all your support!


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DMCA Violation... Again!

Looks like GomTV is finally tracking down on broadcasters who are re-streaming their GSL matches live. iMoogle is temporarily suspended for 24 hours, the same punishment I got for re-streaming the StarCraft II matches at BlizzCon 2010, that were free to watch. SUCH MISFORTUNE! I don't want my main channel to get banned for repeat offenses of the ToS, so I'll most likely stop casting GSL. Never fear, there's always a FREE low quality stream on, and you can bet there's re-streamers who don't give a crap about DMCA. If you love GSL, don't hesitate to buy the season tickets for $19.95. It's totally worth it.

Suspensions suck, but it doesn't really matter to me at the moment. I have a long weekend of work ahead of me, so I won't have much time to game anyway. I wish you guys a good weekend.

- iMoogle

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